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Reports for Saxon Mill Carr

In 2002 I realised that I need to keep on top of my identification and research skills learnt at university. Knowing that the river by the Saxon Mill was a wildlife rich and easily reachable location I decided to start recording whatever I could down there.

Being of a more zoological inclination than botanical my main focus naturally fell towards recording the fauna present and in particular the birds. Very soon was gathering species lists and come rain or shine making my way down to see what could be seen. Those first few months were a learning cover as I re-familiarised myself with the species native to the area after spending 4 years in mid-Wales.

Slowly my visits became more regimented with timings recorded and then simple environmental data such a temperature and a simple scale of wind speed. My visits became more religious and very soon I came to the realisation that the quantity of data I was collecting had the potential for a longer term study.

As of the 31st December 2012 I will have collected 10 years of concurrent data. It is my aim to analyse this information in a series of studies.

For a look at my 5 year report click here:

5 Year Report

In 2005 Wild Warwickshire entered into an agreement with the Heber-Percy Estate to manage a small piece of private land by the Saxon Mill.

Below are the current reports made on the site.