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Royal Society for the Protection of Birds

Perhaps Britain's best known bird organisation the RSPB operates over 200 nature reserves with more than 1 million members. Its focus is on education and habitat protection combined with national campaigns and local groups. The RSPB also has a junior group for children of all ages.

Surveys: Big Garden Birdwatch.

Publications: Birds

British Ornithologists Union

The BOU maintains the British Checklist and determines which species are listed as native in the country. They also meet to discuss naming species and other areas of taxonomy.

Surveys: None

Publications: IBIS - International Journal of Avian Science

British Trust for Ornithology

The BTO is a primarily a scientific research charity. It uses an army of volunteers to conduct a range of surveys in to bird life. It produces national atlases every 10 - 20 years. They are also the body responsible for issuing ringing licences.

Surveys: Breeding Bird Survey, Waterways Bird Survey, Garden Bird Watch, Birdtrack, Wetland Bird Survey, Heronries Census.

Publications: BTO News, Bird Study, Ringing and Migration

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